Friday, April 9, 2010

Graffiti: Art vs. Crime

This project studies the phenomenon of graffiti throughout Edmonton (specifically the area surrounding the LRT), and will be looking at how the City of Edmonton regulates graffiti. Through the use of tastes and aesthetics we will distinguish whether Edmontonians view graffiti as a form of art or as a from of vandalism that needs to be covered regularly. As a group, we believe that tastes differ from generation to generation because of changing social conditions that we are subject to. Thus, we believe that graffiti has a special place in society and needs to be more enocuraged as an art form.

Please click here to check out our blog on the different perspectives of graffiti.

By: Harriet Halse, Brianne Jones, Tanja Crnogorac, Alex Palamarek and Candice Yurkiw

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